Tricks and uses of sodium bicarbonate of soda

Popularly known by names such as Vichy salt, bicarbonate of soda, sodium hydrogen carbonate, is a white compound with neutralizing and water-soluble properties.

Currently in homes, this product is indispensable in the drawers, as it is used for everything from cosmetic uses, powerful cleaners, odor removal, and cooking. Here we will show you new uses that can be very useful in your daily life.

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Eliminates bad breath

A more common problem than you might think is halitosis, which is caused by bacteria that lodge in the mouth, developing due to health problems as well as the consumption of cigarettes, coffee or food with strong flavors.

Baking soda works by eliminating the bacteria that cause bad odor, which causes the pH of the mouth to change. It can be used in the following way by mixing a tablespoon of baking soda with half a cup of warm water and rinsing twice, one in the morning and the other at night before going to bed.


Dry scalp

In terms of hair care, baking soda is the perfect partner when it comes to detoxifying hair due to its multiple benefits such as: it stimulates healthy hair growth, it is a natural lightener, exfoliator, etc.

speaking more clearly about the problem of dry scalp, this product helps to level the ph, helping to suppress the excess production and formation of bacteria that develop dandruff; a very easy trick is to wash the hair massaging the scalp with the baking soda and rinse well.

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Car upholstery

It is very likely that the rides, trips to the beach, family reunions, have left a beautiful memory in our minds, but also in our vehicle since there will be no lack of food stains, soda, and dirt left on the upholstery of this.

if you are looking for an economical method and you have time to clean your car, with baking soda you can do it, you only have to remove the seats so you can work more comfortable and rub them with baking soda and a damp brush vigorously, followed by removing the excess with a cloth and let dry and ready you will have a clean upholstery and free of odors.


Callus on the skin

The skin thickens to protect itself from the pressure or friction to which they are subjected, this is called callus and usually appear on the feet due to the friction of footwear, usually, you can feel discomfort, but for the treatment of these, there are economic, ecological and natural alternatives such as baking soda.

This is used as follows: in a bowl of hot water dissolve baking soda, moisten your feet for about 15 minutes, then rub with a pumice stone and if it is a stubborn callus you can apply a paste made with baking soda and water directly on the place and before rubbing.

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White teeth

A very common aesthetic problem is the appearance of stains on the teeth due to many factors such as bad habits, injuries, age, etc. For this type of concern we find baking soda, an inexpensive product, easy to obtain and use since there are several ways to use it alone and with other products.

Its mild astringent properties help in this process, one of these uses is to add it to toothpaste for a few weeks to polish and give a good appearance to the teeth, although caution should be taken and not use it more than twice a day to avoid damage to tooth enamel.


Freshness of products

being aware of factors such as the spread of covid 19,of facts such as that vegetables and fruits are grown with chemicals such as pesticides, also before reaching our hands they pass through many places where they can collect dirt that can affect our health.

To do this you should soak your vegetables and fruits in a previously disinfected container with water and baking soda (one tablespoon is enough) for approximately 15 minutes, rub and then dry them completely before consuming or storing them.