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8 Early Warning Signs of Termites:

Here are 8 early signs that give you an idea of ​​an early termite infestation due to which you get enough time to prevent them.

1. Crusting of Ceiling or Wall Paint:

When there is dampness on the walls or ceiling and when termites thrive in it, the termites hollow the paint to reach the structure of the walls, due to which the paint of the walls or ceiling starts to discolor and look like scabs.

This is most commonly found during the rainy season. Therefore, you should take special care of your roof and walls in the rainy season. And use dehumidifiers in the house as much as possible.

2. Swollen Surface of Windows and Doors:

Usually, during the rainy season, you must have noticed that your windows and doors get choked. Because their surface swells due to dampness.

When you scrape off these bloated surfaces, you may find termites under them. Since there is moisture under these surfaces, termites can easily hide and spread the infestation.

Whenever you see such swellings on your doors, windows, or furniture surfaces, get them fixed with the help of a carpenter as soon as possible.

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