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If you want to avoid termites, then you should not be careless about these things, otherwise, termites will 100% attack your house.

Moisture on the Walls or Ceilings:

Especially during the rainy season or due to leakage, dampness comes on the walls or ceilings, and damp walls and ceilings attract termites to your house the most.

As soon as the dampness comes, you should immediately take some measures to fix it, otherwise, there are huge chances that termites can attack your house.

Old Newspaper, Cardboard,or Wallpapers:

Termites attack old wallpapers and old junk. Because it gets cellulose in these things, you should keep changing the wallpapers of the walls from time to time. And do not collect old newspapers, cardboard boxes, or old junk in the house.

Indoor Plants:

Your indoor plants are more prone to termites because if you do not keep them in the sunlight regularly for a while, then moisture starts accumulating in them, due to which termites are attracted towards your indoor plants.

I would advise that you must keep your indoor plants in the sunlight regularly for a while and do not keep them on any wooden surface.

Cracks or Holes in the Walls or Ceilings:

early warning signs of termites

Old walls often get cracks and pits and during the rainy season moisture gets deposited in these cracks due to which termites start growing in them, so you should fix these cracks and pits immediately.

Dampness in Wood:

If your furniture gets wet, then it is more prone to termite infestation. Especially in the rainy season when the roofs are leaking, keep your furniture covered.

Since wooden closets are attached to the wall, the dampness on the walls can lead to dampness in your closets and you won’t even know when termites start to thrive there.

If 5 such things are in your house, then there is a high possibility that termites can enter your house and spread the infection. Let me now tell you about some early warning signs of termites.

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