New Apple Leak Teases Surprise iPhone 14 Release

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In the two months following Apple’s iPhone 14 series release, leaks have disclosed everything from their battery capacities to possible price rises. Still, one surprising aspect was missed: a new name.

Apple is rumored to release a less expensive iPhone 14 Pro Max model in September; this model was formerly known as the “iPhone 14 Max.” However, a thorough supply chain report from analyst Omdia employs a far more sensible vocabulary.

David Hsieh, senior research director at Omdia, breaks with previous leaks by referring to the new device—the iPhone 13 Mini replacement—as the “iPhone 14 Plus.” This is logical, making more distinctions between the two 6.7-inch variants and paying homage to Apple’s earlier branding for its most giant phones.

Beyond this, there are other issues with the name “Max.” When a device is described as “to the max,” it means that it is the most delicate possible version of that object, regardless of its physical size. The meaning of the word “plus” is not overly negative; it has long been associated with “plus-size,” and it suggests “more” rather than “best.” Most iPhone 14 Pro upgrades won’t be available for average iPhone 14 devices, so this would be a better fit.

Additionally, Apple’s most recent branding indicates a desire to reserve Max for high-end devices. The following items make up the M1 (and shortly M2) range in descending order:

M1 M1 Pro
M1 Max rests above M1 Ultra Max. Even by Apple’s standards, it was selling an iPhone 14 Max that is less expensive and slower than an iPhone 14 Pro would be strange. Yes, branding has long been criticized by some for being confusing (look at the “Apple Watch Edition”).

The specifics of India’s analysis, which breaks down iPhone component suppliers, supply distribution, and order volumes for the following two years, lend additional support to Hsieh’s assertions. The sheer volume of well-known leakers speculating about an iPhone 14 Max for months works against this. It wouldn’t be unusual for them to be off this close to launch, but it would be surprising.

Although there are more significant concerns with the iPhone 14 series, such as their startling battery capacity, camera disparities, and generational CPU gap, Apple must get the messaging around these phones just right. And a name is where it all begins.

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Apple Leaks of the iPhone 14

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06 07 Update: Apple finally launched iOS 16 at WWDC yesterday, as was anticipated, and it has people talking about the iPhone 14. Apple did not include the much-leaked Always-on display in its announcement of a long list of new features for the upcoming generation of devices. These features had a redesigned lock screen with widgets and multiple pages, an improved notification system, overhauls of iMessage (edit/recall messages), Apple Pay, voice dictation, and a new Safety Check security feature meant to protect people in abusive relationships.

This has two pronounced effects. First off, as Gurman forewarned, the functionality may not have made it into the final version of iOS 16. Second, the feature won’t be accessible until the September release of the iPhone 14 series. The issue with the latter is that it would entail exclusivity, excluding the company’s current iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max models.

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