1. Avocado

Avocado toast is a favorite of everyone, right? It’s delicious, and it’s definitely a sign of the times. If you’ve ever waited for an avocado to ripe, you know how difficult it can be. However, leaving avocados at room temperature on the counter or if they’re ripe allow them to ripen more quickly. You don’t want to throw away a perfectly good avocado!

To encourage avocados to ripen, keep them in brown paper bags with an apple or banana for a few days.

2. Donuts

What’s more delectable than fresh, hot donuts straight out of the oven? Our tummies are rumbling just thinking about it. But how can you keep them if you bought too many? Which, frankly, sounds like an issue we could all do without.

Never put them in the fridge, as they’ll get soggy and flavorless. Simply ensure that they’re kept covered at room temperature. Keep in mind that they won’t last long; you might only have two days before they spoil. That’s enough reason to gobble down that second doughnut, we suppose!

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