Find the best nursing home for your loved one with our free guide.

A nursing home refers to long-term care that people can receive in their homes. It is a range of medical and personal, and emotional care that someone can get outside the hospital. Nursing homes can offer many pieces of help and serve many services, like bathing and eating. Those nursing homes can be the best choice for those who are sick and require consistent and permanent care. The most important points that you need to know before scheduling a nursing home can be the following:

Nursing Home Checklist

Before visiting a facility, know whether the nursing home can offer the adequate care you need, whether they actively meet the requested nursing requirements, and the number of hours they work. In addition to the visiting hours, you need to know the procedures and policies for medical care. 


The idea behind this point is that you need to get familiar with the admission requirements before visiting a facility. You have to know the admission requirements and whether there is a waiting period for admittance or not. 

Fees and financing

If you want a nursing home, you must know the fee policies. First, you need to see if they are different costs for different medical services. Second, the structure and procedure for payment have also to be taken into consideration. Last, it would help to inquire about what services are paid for and which ones are extra.

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Needs assessment

The idea behind needs assessment is that people should know the plan and the procedure through which medical care will occur. They also need to know the way assessment and evaluation are and whether there is a reassessment from time to time.

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Professional staff

Before making a schedule with a nurse, you first obtain some information about them. On the one hand, you need to know the experience and the level of education of this nurse. On the other hand, you ought to get familiar with their personalities, whether they enjoy their work or it is just imposed on them. Furthermore, the availability of planned and unplanned services is also crucial at the beginning. 

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Facility design

Once you visit a facility, observe how the building and its surroundings appear. All the following questions have to be answered before going back home; the availability of elevators, handrails, and shelves and whether the facility is clean, attractive, and appropriately heated. 

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Medication and health care

The policy regarding medication and health care should be the priority as long as it is at the heart of nursing homes. You should also know the person or people behind the arrangement of visits from a physical and occupational therapist in a case are needed. 

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At the very beginning, you should decide which services you want. For instance, whether you want 24 hours of daily living assistance or just a period. You should know which activities you require, like dressing, bathing, toileting, or eating. 

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Room features

Before making any step forward, you need to ensure whether rooms are for a single person or two people. Additionally, you should look around and discover whether bathrooms are for all people, including facility servants. Last, you better find a way to realize if all rooms have telephones. 

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Social and recreational activities

As soon as you step into a facility, you have to extract an idea about the activities programmed. Sometimes these activities are reserved only for residents or all workers in the facility. 

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Food service

One of the essential things that you must care about is food. That is, whether a nursing home does provide three equal meals per day. Are these meals always scheduled at a fixed time and go hand in hand with drinks? Do nursing homes assist those who are unable to eat by themselves? People looking for a nursing home must consider all these questions and others before taking any step ahead.