1. The Donut – All Curled Up Like A Snowball

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Have you ever seen your dog sleeping all snuggled up with its nose to tail? But why do they sleep this way and what does it mean? A 2010 article by Nicola J. Rooney & John W. S. Bradshaw uncovered some interesting dynamics from the behavior of dozing dogs. If your dog is sleeping all curled up, it might be because they’re trying to protect their vital organs from the cold. Plus, this position could be a sign that your pooch is feeling chilly and wants to conserve as much body heat as possible. If your four-legger doesn’t usually lounge in this position and they’ve taken to it recently, and they also seem unwell, consider taking them to the vet.

The Snowball position could also illustrate that your dog does not feel totally safe. They may sleep in this position more frequently if they are staying in an environment they are not used to. Dogs that have a timid or anxious personality may typically sleep like this. When your dog feels totally relaxed and comfortable, you may see them sleep more like the next position.