1. Wheezing

You wheeze with every breath you take or you may cough when you least expect it. The wheezing is actually the air escaping from your lungs, while the coughing is the inflammation that occurs when the air escapes in a way other than through your lungs. While both may sound like an indication of asthma, the former is actually a warning that you should get help as soon as possible. The same is true for the latter.

The wheezing that you experience during an asthma attack is also common. You may think that you are alright but deep down you know that something is wrong. When Wheezing starts, many people simply stop everything they are doing and wait for the asthma attack to stop. They do not realize that they should still go about their daily routines. Try taking deep slow breaths instead of quick shallow breaths – it helps you to recover faster. This will also prevent you from becoming too relaxed and becoming hyperventilated.

#8 Completely Shocked Me!

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