8 Genius Ways To Keep Your Home Cool In Summer

In the blazing heat of summer, it can feel like nowhere except the air-conditioned mall is safe. But you want to be able to chill out at home there are things you can do to keep the summer heat out. Stay cool this year with these genius tricks. 

Cook outdoors

Preparing a hot meal in warm weather is unbearable! That’s partly why everyone loves salads in summer. Salads don’t have to be boring, so look up a wide variety of recipes to keep your taste buds happy. When you want to have a cooked meal, nothing beats grilling outside! You can prepare meat, fish, and vegetables on the grill and save yourself from roasting in the kitchen. Plus, you get to enjoy the cool breeze in your beautiful summer garden

Close your blinds 

It may seem wrong to shut out the sun, but it will make your home dramatically cooler. Keep blinds, curtains, or shutters closed during the hottest part of the day. You can even invest in solar shielding blinds, which reflect the heat without blocking the view. 

Dress for cool

While you’re home, make the most of the lack of dress code and wear your floatiest clothing. Linen and cotton are breathable and cooling, so try a white loose fitted maxi dress to feel more breezy in the heat. 

Change your sheets

Sleeping in the heat can be a nightmare! Invest in breathable sheets for a more refreshing night’s sleep. Linen, pure cotton, and Egyptian cotton will all feel beautiful. Opt for white or another pale shade for maximum cooling effect. 


Light bulbs, laptops, and TVs all emit a small amount of heat while they’re in use. Over the day, this can build up. If you want your home to stay cool, steer clear of unnecessary electrics and make sure they’re entirely unplugged when not in use. 

Upgrade your AC 

If you’re going to rely on airconditioning, you’ll want it to be as efficient as possible. Making sure your AC is adequately serviced could save you money and make the air quality far better, not to mention being better for the environment. If it’s time for a new unit, find air conditioning replacement services that specialize in energy efficiency. 

Paint your home white 

You might not be able to do this right now, but consider painting your home white for next year. White reflects light, meaning that your home will be much cooler inside. It also looks beautiful, particularly with some vibrant flowers like bougainvillea growing outside. 

Plant some shade 

Another long term idea, but one that will add so much to your home, is to plant some shade. Trees and other greenery can provide natural shade that’s good for you as well as the environment. Just make sure the plants you choose can withstand direct sunlight. If you live in a very hot area, palms are ideal. You could also consider ivy or other climbing plants for the outside of your house. These actually provide natural insulation, keeping your home cooler in summer while also protecting you from pollution