7 Harmful Things You Do to Your Dog Without Realizing It

It’s no secret that every dog parent loves their canine companion beyond measure. Our furry friends truly know how to love us unconditionally without any grudges. We want nothing more than a happy and healthy life for them.

But sometimes we may do things unknowingly that can potentially harm our four-legged friends. In this Post, we have rounded up 7 harmful things that you can avoid to keep your pet safe. Pay attention to number 3 and 1. They will shock you the most!

7.  Training Your Dog Forcefully

Yes, your dog needs a fair amount of training. But it doesn’t give you the license to use force to physically punish them. Any handling methods that cause pain or stress to your dog can damage your relationship with them.

Reward-based training is more effective when you are trying to teach your dog discipline. It helps build trust between the pup and his parent and helps the dog learn the desired behavior.

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