5 Incredible Uses for Banana Peels

Nearly all of us enjoy eating bananas. It is delicious and good, after all. And there are so many ways that this incredible fruit can be used in your diet. Or add it to your cereal, bake it or even add it to your protein shake and enjoy a delicious post-workout smoothie. You can only peel it and eat it.

There are so many different ways to eat a banana right now, but what about peeling it? Chances are bright that you are already throwing it away. Ok you are not going to do so again, not after learning about the different uses of banana peel. Yeah, you read that correctly, banana peels can actually be used in several different ways, and we are about to instantly discover a few fascinating ones.

  1. Keep your teeth white and white,

Professional whitening of teeth costs you quite a good sum, and your beautiful pearls can be susceptible to home kits that whiten your teeth. When anything as easy as a banana peel will work wonders, why do you even need to opt for those processes?

The method is very simple too. You first need to brush your teeth the normal way, and then rub your teeth every day for about two minutes, using the inside of the peel.

This works because salicylic acid, which is a gentle bleaching agent, is rich in banana peels. It is a potassium, magnesium, and manganese mixture. And both of these will safely help remove stains, too without causing any damage to the enamel of your teeth.

  1. Polishing your boots

Not just your teeth, but banana peels can also make your shoes shine.

You can quickly get rid of the scuff marks at home using a banana peel if you don’t have money or time to have your shoes professionally polished.

What you need to do is just rub against your boots the inside of the peel. And after you buff it off, just use a clean cloth to wash it off.

The waxy property and potassium in the peel can help reduce the marks of the scuff and also any damage to water.

  1. Let the shine of fine silver again
    Banana peels are rich in certain oils that, without the need to use any poisonous or harmful chemicals, can prove beneficial in making dull silver shine again.

All you have to do is take a couple of banana peels, throw them in your blender, add some sugar, and make a paste. Now to buff some silver objects like cutlery or jewellery, use this paste and some soft fabric. Next use warm water to rinse off the silver products and then dry them with the aid of a clean rag.

  1. Hydrate your feet

Not only can banana peels make everything shine they are perfect for your skin as well.

You will not do so again if you regularly encounter the issue of sore toes and broken heels and have been using costly moisturizers to treat them. Your easy banana peel is here to your rescue, after all.

Since the peels contain a decent amount of vitamins E, C, B, and A, as well as amino acids, they will be very useful for your dry, itchy skin.

On the soles or other dry parts, you just need to rub the interior portion of the peel. Let it linger for a while and rinse it off afterwards. Only follow this for a few days and pretty soon your feet will look smooth and silky.

  1. Your acne cure

But another concern with the skin that banana peels are known to handle well is that of pesky acne. The peels are rich in zinc and lectin, which have antibacterial properties that are known to rapidly heal problem spots and even prevent new ones from arising.

Wash your face first, using a gentle cleanser. First, take an overripe banana to the affected area and keep rubbing the inside of the peel until it becomes slimy and brown. For around 5-10 minutes, let it remain this way and then rinse with fresh water. Make sure that the peel is applied a few times per day and that you are able to experience great results very soon.

In Conclusion-
Now that you’ve discovered so many uses of banana peel, this fruit will definitely top your list if you go shopping for fruit next time. What’s better is that banana peels not only work efficiently, they don’t cost you anything, and there are no side effects. So let’s not waste time and let’s just go bananas! ”.