19 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas That Will Have You Calling Your Contractor ASAP

bathroom remodel ideas

Chances are, unless you’re dealing with some seriously outdated plumbing fixtures or avocado-hued tile, your bathroom isn’t the first place you think of when it comes to redecorating. But there’s a good reason to focus your remodeling energy (and budget) on this space—first off, it’s a small amount of square-footage compared to the other rooms in your home, so you can create a complete overhaul or just a face-lift in less time and with less expenditure. But there’s also something deeply satisfying about turning this utilitarian space into something of a retreat, a place where you can close the doors and enjoy a long soak in the tub or a good steam in the shower, surrounded by your favorite hues, finishes, and accessories. Long story short: we’ve found that bathroom remodels tend to be some of our favorites.

Looking to do a little remodeling of your own? Start here. These inspiring rooms cram so much beauty and personality into a modest footprint, and offer tons of unique tips and tricks for transforming your home’s hardest-working room into something spectacular. Read on for some of our favorite bathroom remodel ideas to date.

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Make It Graphic

bathroom remodel ideas

Marble and brass may be the MVPs of bathroom style at this stage, but this high-impact vanity setup shows just how versatile they truly are. A brilliant graphic pop of sunburst tile and a fresh, angular mirror lend a whole new look to these powder room standards.

constellation tile

Artistic Tile Constellation Blackout Tile $195.00


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Think Pink

bathroom remodel ideas

The best part of any bathroom remodel? Giving yourself carte blanche to embrace bold colors and styles you wouldn’t be ready to commit to elsewhere in the home. This children’s bathroom features a surprising pink vanity with plenty of midcentury flair—making it a space that brightens up any morning routine (and is chic enough for kids to grow into, too).

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Do A Double-Take On The Details

bathroom remodel ideas

It’s all about the little things when it comes to creating a truly luxe bathroom experience. A windowpane-style shower enclosure both adds architectural detail and helps the space feel more airy and open, while chic hammered brass towel hooks and stools for primping (and keeping bath supplies in close reach) add to the spa-like vibe.

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Prioritize Pampering Yourself

Bathroom remodel ideas

Looking for a way to make self-care a priority? It’ll become second-nature if you put a glamorous soaking tub front-and-center. (Honestly, who could resist sinking into a long bath every week or so with this beauty staring at you?)

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Embrace Your Artistic Side

Bathroom remodel ideas

If neutrals aren’t your thing, go eclectic with your bathroom style—this bright neon penny tile is the perfect wake-up call for busy mornings, and the modern look of bold art pieces, clustered pendant lighting, and contrasting zigzag floor tile is an irresistible combination.

yellow penny tile

Floor & Decor Festival Sunflower Polished Penny Tile $6.00

Make It Shine

bathroom remodel ideas

One of the quickest ways to transform your bathroom into a sanctuary is to deck it out with some next-level statement lighting. (Think: that stunning Sputnik chandelier from your dining room.) Just make sure your new standout piece is rated for wet or damp zones before you buy.

Find Your Nook

bathroom remodel ideas

A traditional stall shower would’ve felt cramped in this bathroom due to the double sloped ceilings…but with a little custom action, designer Ginny Macdonald was able to make use of the unusually shaped space and create an angled shower enclosure that feels spacious and open.

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Try Some Creative Colorblocking

bathroom remodel ideas

Colorblocking your walls is a speedy way to add visual interest to any space. Here, an on-trend deep sage shade lends drama without making the room feel small and dark thanks to the high-contrast white border and brick. Bonus tip: repetition is a great tool for creating a chic, refined feel—try adding multiples of the same sleek sconces to emphasize the accent wall.

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Wake Up On The Bright Side

bathroom remodel ideas

The antidote to the early morning haze? Bright, sunny yellow. This bathroom makes use of a classic color combo—yellow and grey—to create a timeless effect that delivers an instant energy boost the minute you step inside to brush your teeth. Vintage details, like the clawfoot tub, lend tons of character too.

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Vamp Up Your Vanity

bathroom remodel ideas

Is it just us, or is the idea of a dedicated area for applying makeup and skincare just dreamy? We love that the retro-inspired vanity trend is making a comeback…with some modern upgrades, of course. (Gone, for instance, are the weird sunken-counter areas that plague 60s-era bathrooms.) This sleek built-in vanity is the perfect spot for a mod-meets-glam acrylic chair—its clear construction helps it disappear into the background when not in use to keep the flow of the room feeling open. Pucker up and start primping!

clear acrylic barrel chair

CB2 Antonio Acrylic Chair $399.00


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Incorporate The Elements

bathroom design ideas

Our holy grail all-time dream bathroom setup definitely includes a built-in fireplace. While it’s undoubtedly a major renovation to undertake, there’s no question that it would be a game-changer for those long winter soaks.

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Keep It High-Contrast

bathroom remodel ideas

Black and white is a classic bathroom palette, of course, but adding a decorative tile treatment can completely transform the look and feel of this high-contrast color scheme. And color lovers needn’t despair—it’s easy to pepper in your favorite accent hues in the form of towels, bath mats, and accessories in a space like this. The added benefit: swapping out accent hues as the trends change couldn’t be simpler.

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Go Glossy and Gallery-Inspired

bathroom remodel ideas

Make your powder room pack a punch with a miniature gallery wall, painterly wallpapers, and—most impactful of all—a glossy, black-painted ceiling. (That way, there’s inspiration everywhere you look—and you guests will definitely notice.)

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Lower Your Gaze

bathroom remodel ideas

Let’s be honest here: nobody likes getting on their knees and digging around in the bottom of the bathroom cabinets. Solution? Raise your cabinetry up a bit and create a little room for display—you’ll be able to showcase some uniquely textured storage pieces to add visual interest, and your cabinetry will give off a look that’s more reminiscent of a furniture piece.

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Clear Things Up

bathroom remodel ideas

We can’t all have palatial bathrooms with giant soaking tubs, but that doesn’t mean your daily bathing experience can’t be luxe. This crystal-clear, seamless shower enclosure makes the space feel incredibly airy and chic…and the pretty blue starburst tile on the step-up is the finishing touch. (We could definitely see ourselves blissfully losing track of time in here.)

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Opt For A Sleek Slab

bathroom remodel ideas

Slab backsplash options are all the rage in kitchens, and it’s easy to see why: the rich, continuous piece of stone just feels extra-luxe. Take the trend into the bathroom as well and then go a step further with a backsplash that extends up to the ceiling. The effect is nothing short of stunning, and the sink set into the coordinating countertop with apron just adds to the striking, elemental look.

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Sprinkle Some Gold

Bathroom remodel ideas

This *might* be our new favorite tile trick. A spray of gold-hued tiles intermingled with white ones around the tub catch the eye and look like pennies from heaven. Plus, we love how adaptable this look could be depending on your color scheme—it’s fun, but not too trendy, and it makes bath time just a little more special.

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Make Every Inch Count

Bathroom remodel ideas

Small nooks and crannies can be a nuisance…until you decide to take advantage of them. A small alcove becomes a clever and low-maintenance place to store (and display) towels in this gleaming, brilliant bathroom.

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Have Fun With It

bathroom remodel ideas

The bottom line: your bathroom should be a place for stylistic experimentation and self-expression, as this design so clearly illustrates. From the modern art-esque face wallpaper to the dazzling Cambria natural quartz backsplash, there’s so much to love about this personality-packed space.