Dogs are amazing animals. They make great companions and loyal friends. It’s hard to think of our lives without them. Most people recognize what their dogs like and what they hate.

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Sometimes, dogs aren’t shy about expressing their feelings. Other times, dogs hold back, not letting on that anything is wrong.

If you’re a dog owner, you certainly want your pet to be well and live a long and happy life. But sometimes we may do things that can possibly hurt our furry family parts without even realizing it. Dogs are curious, adventurous, and often behave like small children who can occasionally get them into trouble. In this article, we want to explore a few of these common mistakes so that you can avoid these incidents in the future.

At healthick, we’re big dog lovers, and we know that dogs are members of the family.

So on the next page, we will start exploring the 12 things that many people do that their pets hate. If you are doing one of these, you may notice your dog acting up or not being himself. Make sure you aren’t aggravating your dog unknowingly. No. 2 is so familiar, make sure to read it )