10 Warning Signs of Cervical Cancer You Should Never Ignore

Cervical cancer is a type of cancer that affects the lining of the cervix and it is caused by the presence of cells or tumors that form in and around the cervix, this condition can occur during pregnancy or even after delivery. If left unchecked, this cancer can progress into cancer of the lymph nodes or even the upper respiratory system, which can ultimately lead to death.

Because this type of cancer can develop in both the cervix and the uterus, it can be difficult to determine at what stage a woman may be at risk. For example, if a woman has never had a cervical cancer screening before she may not even be aware that she is at risk of developing this type of cancer. In this article, we will provide you with 7 symptoms of cervical cancer that you should never ignore for the better of your health.

1) Changes in the wall of the Cervix

One of the first things you might notice is a slight thinning of the walls of the cervix. This is not uncommon in women who develop cervical dysplasia, a condition that occurs when the tissue grows too fast for the cervix to handle. Any changes in the appearance of your cervix which may cause you persistent pain in the lower area of your abdomen may be indicative symptoms.

2) Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding

One of the most common signs of cervix cancer is abnormal vaginal bleeding. This can come in many forms but usually involves excessive bleeding after intercourse or at other times when you are not supposed to be having your period. This bleeding may be accompanied by pain in the abdominal area and intensify even more if you left it untreated.

3) Change in Vaginal Discharge

A change in vaginal discharge can also be a sign of cervix cancer. It may be blood in your discharge, or it could be a greenish or whitish fluid. You may also find that these fluids change in consistency over time. These discharges may also come with persistent pain and it is just the moment you contact your PCP for urgent diagnosis.

4) Uterus Infection

Another sign of cervix cancer could be an infection in your uterus. Due to the abnormal bleeding and discharges, your uterine may become infected; this infection may be manifested by a pain on the level of your abdomen even when you are not bleeding or when it is not your period yet. It may be even you have had your menopause which will all in all require a medical diagnosis.

5) Blood in Urine

Due to receptive bleeding in the lining of your uterus and cervix, you may notice that there is blood in your urine which can be concerning especially if you are not on your period or have reached menopause. If so, contacting your PCP urgently is a must to do, since the better you start your treatment, the better the outcome is.

6) Back Pain

It is very possible that your cancer may be advanced to the stage where it starts to spread out to other organs. Many cases of cervix cancer may cause in a pain in the back, inside, or even in the kidney. Many cancer cases cause pain and agony in surrounding areas and organs and it is just the time where you should be alerted and start visiting your PCP for a diagnosis and for an urgent treatment plan.

7) Postcoital Bleeding

Postcoital bleeding is bleeding after you have a sexual encounter. This may be also be accompanied by pain in the lower of your abdomen while having sex, if someone has cervix cancer they may feel unease while having sex and would start refusing to do so. This is not a psychological symptom, although it may affect a woman’s emotions, if you are suffering from serious agony or pain while having sex unlike before, you should talk to your primary care physician in order to run a diagnosis and start on treatment as soon as time permits.